Should believers observe the Sabbath?


Just a few scriptures on the Sabbath


Genesis 2:2-3
2 And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.
3 And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made.

Exodus 20:8-11
8 Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
9 Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:
10 But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates:
11 For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it.

From the dawn of creation God has sanctified the seventh day, later He literally wrote this in stone. "And he gave unto Moses, when he had made an end of communing with him upon mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of God." -Exodus 31:18

Sheila and I were taught what many "Christians" are taught about the Sabbath, that it was somehow changed to "Sun-day" and that keeping the SEVENTH day holy and separate no longer applied. Then we read the scriptures. We are now 100% sure that God never meant for His Sabbath to no longer be remembered or set apart.

There are so many scriptures on this topic, yet these few alone make it perfectly clear.

Does "Thou shalt not murder" no longer apply? (yes the original meaning is murder and not "kill")

How about "Thou shalt not commit adultery"? What of the other ten commandments etched in stone by Godís own finger? Which of these no longer applies?

Please think about it. Do we believe God's Holy Word, or do we believe in "traditions of man" that Yeshua sharply rebuked the pharisees for (among other false teaching and practices)?


Matthew 12:8
8 For the Son of man is Lord even of the sabbath day.

Matthew 12:11-12
11 And he said unto them, What man shall there be among you, that shall have one sheep, and if it fall into a pit on the sabbath day, will he not lay hold on it, and lift it out?
12 How much then is a man better than a sheep? Wherefore it is lawful to do well on the sabbath days.

Mark 2:27-28
27 And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath:
28 Therefore the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath.

Luke 6:5
5 And he said unto them, That the Son of man is Lord also of the sabbath.


Luke 6:9
9 Then said Jesus unto them, I will ask you one thing; Is it lawful on the sabbath days to do good, or to do evil? to save life, or to destroy it?

John 7:22-24
22 Moses therefore gave unto you circumcision; (not because it is of Moses, but of the fathers;) and ye on the sabbath day circumcise a man.
23 If a man on the sabbath day receive circumcision, that the law of Moses should not be broken; are ye angry at me, because I have made a man every whit whole on the sabbath day?
24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.

Acts 13:14
14 But when they departed from Perga, they came to Antioch in Pisidia, and went into the synagogue on the sabbath day, and sat down.

Acts 13:42
42 And when the Jews were gone out of the synagogue, the Gentiles besought that these words might be preached to them the next sabbath.

Acts 13:44
44 And the next sabbath day came almost the whole city together to hear the word of God.

Acts 18:1-4
8 After these things Paul departed from Athens, and came to Corinth;
2 And found a certain Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, lately come from Italy, with his wife Priscilla; (because that Claudius had commanded all Jews to depart from Rome:) and came unto them.
3 And because he was of the same craft, he abode with them, and wrought: for by their occupation they were tentmakers.
4 And he reasoned in the synagogue every sabbath, and persuaded the Jews and the Greeks.

It's very clear that Yeshua and His apostles kept the sabbath. So we do all we can to do so. If there's an emergency that calls for work on the sabbath, Yeshua addresses this in the gospels. (Please see Matthew 12:11-12)